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to make home feel just that little bit more special

& nurturing for you soul

"Off to the forest I go!

To lose my mind

and find my soul"




Can you feel it?  There is a change in the air.  I'm not just talking about the seasons, although I AM looking forward to a gentler time.  I am also referring to a new, enchanting collection of work I've been creating which celebrates  our emotional connections with a family of trees. 


I am responding and documenting their aura and spirit as an 'ode' in these works to the magic  of these trees and their shared stories with ours.   

As our lives become digitised and urbane, our focus delves inwards and downwards, if we learn to pause for just a moment and look 'up' we may be surprised by the peace we find in the canopy of trees. 

I suggest, you kick off your shoes, make yourself a warm, inviting cup of tea, and make time to view this work right now!


"Between memories and our dreams, lives our magic"

My desire is to create brushstrokes that connect paint with emotion

 and make marks that whisper stories, to embrace creativity, connection and beauty in the every day.

So what's new in 2020?

In this new year we have released a collection of my 2019/2020 paintings as limited edition fine art prints.  These prints are created on archival fine art paper, and printed to the highest of standards for a finish that is as beautiful and endearing as the original.  The works are hand signed, and come with a beautiful certificate sharing the limited edition numbering.

Limited to only FIVE prints of the originals, your giclee print will be valued as both a family treasure, and a collectors item for many years to come.   Curious? They're so beautiful!