Marble Surface

Crystal Moon Collection

A series which marries my love of abstract painting with my love of treasure.  To be precise, the treasures that can be found in the details of natural stones, shells and gems.  

Fascinating connections

Flowing with the energy of tranquility, happiness and whimsy. 

Inspired by many many treasure hunts and trips to the markets with my daughters, and a whimsical discovery from the

'gemstone man'. 


All this has lead to a long term fascination with semi-precious stones and crystals for as long as I can remember.  The genetics it seems has been passed on to my daughters whom painstakingly seek out THE most precious of precious! 


I find it fascinating how they only choose specific pieces tat they are drawn to. Taking their time and looking at the colours and gently touching them to make sure they 'feel' right. 


I urge you to do the same with this collection; study the colours, and the textures, and choose the one that

speaks to you. 

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