If you are buying on a budget this holiday season you can consider framing art yourself for a polished and professional looking gift (to highlight the beautiful artwork of course!).

With a quick trip to Kmart I picked up a beautiful 5 x 7" floating timber frame

and got to work!   Here's a link to the

frame I purchased  here

TIP always buy your art first, then measure before you do your framing shopping.  Write down the width of the artwork and the length. 


You'll want at least a one inch (2.5cm) gap between the edge of the artwork and the frame if you are choosing a floating option.

Most other frames will have a cardboard frame mount  to cover the edges of the artwork paper.  


All you'll need is:

  • a pencil,

  • some sticky tape

  • and a frame


I chose a modern floating timber frame because I loved the contemporary feel about it, and it lends itself well to a picture wall of multiple artworks.  It also gives this botanical piece a 'museum' type quality which I love.   There are so many budget friendly frames available it's easy to get confused. 


Pick a colour that suits the artwork, or for a seamless, contemporary look, stick with black or light wood.


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