Happy 1st Anniversary from the Art Studio!

Gosh guys, I can't believe it's been twelve months since my husband and I created my first proper art studio. You’ve probably seen it evolve via my Instagram posts, and each day I work in here it just feels more and more like a sanctuary. The time has flown, and it’s been an amazing journey, turning an empty two car garage, into a workspace that my girls and I use on a daily basis. It is an art studio by day, and sometimes a disco or sleep-over cave by night!

Since I've moved in I've created about SIX artwork series in my new studio (in twelve months)!

Can you believe that?

When Covid-19 entered our lives, devastated at the world wide tragedy though we were, I was so pleased to know our family would have extra space to spread out through our home. Especially with four students who needed room to study, take zoom classes and music lessons. This experience has changed us. It has made us more grateful of what we have. It has highlighted the strength our creativity can give us and our resilience to adapt. It has also highlighted how well we mesh as a family (for the most part) to survive our proximity with one another. That’s six humans in one average sized one story home (that’s a bungalow for all your British peeps).

It changed my artwork as well. I began experimenting. In a sea of chaos and fear I was gifted a very strange feeling of calm and determination. My silver lining was the gift of time. More time at home, and extra hours in the studio. It un-rusted a switch that I’d had in my brain for twenty years! It has allowed me to ‘play’ and create without pressure. What came of this was a desire to self-nurture through art making, and to stay calm. To keep my emotions in check, as the matriarch of four young women, I felt a strong desire to stay as calm and centered as possible. So I turned to my watercolours and sweeping soft brushes. I made marks with handmade bush brushes and began learning how to take local rocks and turn them into beautiful ground pigments. Watercolours made from dust. Dirt turned to artist's alchemy.

I mean, a little rock bashing is good for the frustrations, right?

So we flowed onward, spending days in dress-ups or pajamas, and filling the house with creative energy on the good days, and tea and chocolates on the not-so good ones.

With play and evolution my work has continued to flow, and I’ve created some beautiful loose abstracts of which I am very proud. Inspired by day dreaming about landscapes I was absent from; the beach, the mountains, the country side. All those colour tones, spilled from my fingers onto paper and canvas.

My Dream Weaver Collection

Inspired by rock, dust, pigment, gold, salt, water & time....


Through all of this, I hope seeing my artwork and my #happylittlelife stories through

your Instagram and Facebook feeds has brought you a little joy. For those of you beautiful folks that purchased one of my $1 mini artworks as part of my Kindness Project; I do hope they brought joy to you and your loved ones. I welcome you to my VIP subscribers list and look forward to getting to know you all better.

Thank you for all you support dear friends.

Thanks again, dear friends.

Talk soon, Em x

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