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I guess the inspiration for my new collection began as a direct response to hearing of all the bush fires that shook the Australian countryside this year. I felt helpless, it began to effect my very being, and I felt completely desperate. And yet, I would fall asleep at night and dream of deserted townships and find myself winding through domestic spaces overcome by vegetation. Do you know it takes around five years for vegetation to start reclaiming urban spaces? During my dreams, my brain was creating scenarios of hope, whilst my waking hours were filled with anxiety over helpless burning koalas and the loss of people's real life shelters and homes.

So to overcome this feeling of helplessness I had an urge to strengthen my own feelings of hope for our natural environment. I went in search of the greenest, most sheltering, most calming trees I could find. Sitting in their presence became both a moment of solitude, hope and replenishment, a feeling of nourishment both in body and soul. I experienced the sensation of spiritual revival, as if I'd entered a religious space, and asked for forgiveness. It was then that I knew what the focus of my first collection of 2020 was going to be.

I invite you to share this collection with me, as we walk this path of a new decade. I know my focus will be well and truly on nuturing my environment this year. Both metaphorically, and physically. We should not need to reach such devastation to make a difference.

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