Another World  by Emma Ward Monuments Collection
  • Another World by Emma Ward Monuments Collection

    The sounds of birdsong draw you further into the shelter of the trees, the space is measureably cooler, and inviting.  There is a certain enchantment in the air as the poetry of trees takes hold on your senses.   You come accross a doorway in the trees, an opening to another world.  Is it to step in or to step out?  


    This artwork has already been matted for framing.  It is contained in a cellophane sleeve with a protective cardboard backing.  Framing can be arranged. 

    Artwork measures 71 x 50cm, plus the matte boared the overall piece measures 66cm x 86cm and would suit a frame of this size.  My recommendation is to go with a warm wood frame and museum glass.  

    • Measurements

      50cm x 71cm on thick Fabriano Watercolour Paper.


      You may frame it yourself, or please contact me for framing options:


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