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This collection of bespoke drawings is a response to how I feel about the human figure, in particular, the female form.  I'm responding to how I feel about the impact of the word 'beauty'.  In my opion, beauty shouldn't be used as a noun, it is far more mindful as a 'verb'.  To be beautiful means to live on this plant beautifully; to use kindness when we look in the mirror, speak with care, and cherish our bodies, for they are after all, merely a vessel for creativity, love and nuture.  


This is an ongoing collection for 2019, a study in organic charcoal, pencil, chalk and walnut oil, created on handmade cotton rag Jute paper.  Finished with a raw, deckled edge, the paper has a large border which is helpful in framing.  The paper itself measures approx 5" x 8" (14cm x 19cm).


This artwork comes to you unframed, and its your personal choice to display it as you wish.  Some options are a store bought frame, a wooden clipboard mounted to the wall, or simply peg, pin or tape to your favourite surface to enhance your space, and celebrate all that is beautiful!


The artwork will come to you wrapped in paper and protected in a tough cardboard envelope. 


Please allow approx one week for postage.  

Beauty Study #6 Original drawing by Emma Ward on Jute Paper

  • As with all artwork, please display out of direct sunlight.  i.e dont hang it on an outside wall of your house that isnt under shade, on or directly near a sunny window.  

    If you want this artwork to last for a lifetime, it is best to frame it behind perspex or glass.  Like our bodies, if unprotected, the paper will age and wrinkle over time!

  • 14cm x 19cm  please note the edges of this paper are irregular due to its handmade nature, and the hand torn edge finish.