Hand Embellished Jasper Print 14 inch square
  • Hand Embellished Jasper Print 14 inch square

    Well this is just about my favourite collection of all time.  So after creating the original painting I took a high quality image and sent it out to some amazing Fine Art printers.  What returned was the most amazing print I have ever seen!  It's full of shadows, details and textures (just like the original).  To make it even more decadent it has been over painted with fine details and copper metallic watercolour paint to give it that extra shine.  I have also included machine stitching for even more texture. 

      No two hand embellished prints are the same, making them unique.  Essentially what I have created is a whole new mixed media artwork. 


    • size

      14 inch by 14 inch with a one inch white border.

      Hand signed. 

      Hand painted on artists quality fine watercolour paper.

      This mixed media artwork will be shipped to you safely in a sturdy envelope and wrapped with great love and care. 


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