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"My body belongs to me, but my heart belongs to you"   


A human body is capable of so much.  Such a delicate, fragile vessel that is responsible for carrying our spirit as we walk this earth.  Our bodies are capapble of so much wonderment, our minds have no limits, only the boundaries we create for ourselves.  What a beautiful mantra to share with the young - "I am love".


"I am a Wildflower" is my latest collection.  Born out of the desire to return to a feeling of inner peace, and a feeling of contentment within my own skin.  Recently I took a one weeks internship at the Rockhampton Art Gallery, and explored artwork created by female artists.  It was so inspirational, and I came back to the studio with a desire to make work close to my heart, it made me realise how pationate I am about Women's self esteem, how I feel about empowering the spirit, and the message I am sending to my children about natural beauty.  


We all deserve to feel at peace with ourselves, and to live our best and most beautiful life.  Its with great honour that I share this new series of artwork with you, and I hope it too brings joy to your heart. 

'I am Love' Original Watercolour Painting by Emma Ward on coloured paper

  • Paper size 50cm x 70cm   Please NOTE this artwork is unframed.