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"Every touch, every tear, every joy, every fear"   


This fluid, light figure holds a certain energy of both power and freedom.  The deffiant stance of the hands on hips makes it a compelling figure.  I want to be her!  To empower women, first we have to empower ourselves.  Our daughters will thank us. 


"I am a Wildflower" is my latest collection.  Born out of the desire to return to a feeling of inner peace, and a feeling of contentment within my own skin.  Recently I took a one weeks internship at the Rockhampton Art Gallery, and explored artwork created by female artists.  It was so inspirational, and I came back to the studio with a desire to make work close to my heart, it made me realise how pationate I am about Women's self esteem, how I feel about empowering the spirit, and the message I am sending to my children about natural beauty.  


We all deserve to feel at peace with ourselves, and to live our best and most beautiful life.  Its with great honour that I share this new series of artwork with you, and I hope it too brings joy to your heart. 

'I am spirit' Original Watercolour Painting by Emma Ward on colouredpaper

  • Paper size 50cm x 70cm   Please NOTE this artwork is unframed.