"She was one of those girls who kept a diary when she was small.  She would write about the wedding dress she oneday hoped to wear, and how she would make it twirl.  Now she's all grown up, she loves nothing more than to dance, she taps her feet to her favourite songs, even when she's at work!  She is a hopeless romantic, and keeps her roses long after they are dry.  She believes in luck, rich chocolate, and love songs."


I love listening to music while I'm painting, and the music often inspires the titles of the work.  Every Wispy Lady painting is an original, every expression, every emotion, every flower is bespoke.  

Lovingly hand painted, these gorgeous creatures are so feminine, beautiful and full of spirit.  The are timeless, ageless and faceless, and we love them!


This is an original painting created in my signature style.  I began painting Wispy Lady's in 2009 and I still create them the same way - I start with a canvas and attach vintage paper, in this case, vintage sewing patterns which form the background of the painting.  Afterwards, I use professional quality paints to create a beautiful image of a woman, full of life, full of emotion and beauty.  The intrigue of this artwork is the beauty of her:  she is timeless, ageless and faceless.  The perfect symbol of beauty, and a heartwarming addition to your home.  People often say they 'recognise' someone they love in the faces of these paintings - this warms my heart, because that is exactly how I feel about them too.  Each Wispy Lady is unique, and an absolute joy to create.  A little bit of my heart is always shared in the work.


This painting measure 50cm x 60cm x 4cm deep, and it comes ready to hang on the wall.

Postage is free to local buyers.  Postage cost will be arranged if purchasing outside of Central Queensland.  We box my paintings in bespoke, lightweight wooden boxes to ensure safety during travel.  We take care of our precious paintings for you.  

Postage can be arranged within Australia, and the price of this can be arranged on enquiry to emma@emmaroseart.com 

Daydream Believer - Wispy Lady 2021