Tea Stain Botanical Original Painting #9

Tea Stain Botanical Original Painting #9

Have you ever heard of the "Madeline moment"? 


Essentially it's how a memory can be triggered from something tangible.  In the case of the writer Marcel Proust - his character's entire backstory unfolds simply by the smell of a Madeline biscuit and a cup of tea.  


I adore this thought, and am a firm believer in how something as simple as the smell of a cup of tea can transport you to the most potent of memories.  What a gift we have as humans; that of nostalgia, mixed with the wonders of our senses!


In ode to the "Madeline moment" and the desire to honour the simple moments in life, I have created these ephermeral flowers, symboising the importance of tiny, precious moments in time. 

  • Size

    14cm x 20

    Hand painted on artists quality fine watercolour paper.

    This original artwork will be shipped to you safely in a sturdy envelope and wrapped with great love and care. 


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