I LOVE burning candles in my studio.  For me, to be in flow means that all my senses need to be engaged; sight, sound, touch, smell and most importantly spirit.  I always play music, and I always, always burn a candle when I work.  I am so excited to bring you this new product, it features my artwork on the lid, and the scent is just devine!  When you light it, you will feel like you are immersed in the most beautiful, creative space, and i'm sure it will be so uplifting for you!  I know thats exactly how it makes me feel.  The Artists Studio Signature scent candle to invoke the scent of my studio.   A scent for creativity, fresh energy and a happy soul. Gosh I wish you could smell it! It’s just so lovely. It’s not a predictable scent but rather an ode to spontaneous beach holidays, dancing in bare feet, and opening that new box of pencils type smell....


Buy one for yourself and one for a friend, this candle makes a great gift, and a little indulgence to make your day special. 


This item includes postage, your candle will come to you beautifully wrapped and protected in a lovely box.  Its time to treat yourself :)


If you do not require postage, and can collect from my studio, enter code lightupmylife during checkout!


The Artists Studio - Emma Ward Signature Candle


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