As I look up into the canopy of a fine collection of Banyan figs, my eyes are drawn upwards by the column like roots, and the branches all connecting and communicating like the wires of an umbrella, or the bones of a giant creature, supporting the weight of the large volum of leaves and tendrils and branches above.  I see a cross section of branches, back lit with dappled light from the sun poking through the trees.  I stood there, silently in reverance.  

The Chapel by Emma Ward Monuments Collection

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  • 61cm x 46cm and has been created on an Aquabond panel by Ampersand. 


    This artwork has been painted and prepared on a  sturdy product with a masonite wooden underlay.  It will require framing, 

     You may frame it yourself, or please contact me for framing options:

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