The Chapel is a richly decorated depiction of an ancient fig tree found on the historic grounds of the Rockhampton Botanical Gardens.  The tree itself is over two hundred years old, and it's limbs and branches have served as shelter to the hot Queensland sun for generations of teaparties and picnics beneath its branches.  This particular monument reminds me of a living church, and every visitor who looks up into it's branches is in awe of it's beautiful structure.  Deffinitely holding its own unique charater and soul, this tree is  a living memory to the generations of families who visit it and experience it's love and guidance. 


This artwork has been lovingly created using various techniques including watercolours, walnut oil (which is a deep sepia brown - used in calligraphy for centuries) pen and gold pigments.


The texture is even more beautiful in real life, depicting this tree in all it's monumental glory with a golden sparkle in the sunlight. 


The Chapel- Original Painting


    46cm  x 61cm