My daughter and I recently met for coffee in the city, the day was busy so we went in search of a spot to park the car.  We ended up close to the end of town, parking on the banks of the Murray river.  We were in the shade of a crop of ancient banyan fig trees, dense, cool shade acting like an oasis amid a blistering CQ summer.  It was a magical site to find amongst an army of cars, bitumen, sandstone buildings, rubbish and the sites of the city.  It felt transient, like the entrance to a far away space, set back in time, like a portal or a time machine.  This view would have once been infinite, trees stretching as far as the eyes could see, but soon they may extend the carpark, and this portal may no longer exist.  We paused, debating whether we should step in….. we, the last of the whimsical ones.

The Gateway by Emma Ward Monuments Collection

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  • 30cm x 42cm on thick Fabriano Watercolour Paper


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