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The little girl seen here is part memory, part spirit, looking out to the ocean seeking never ending battles with pirates and whales. Never once doubting her courage, strength or intelligence. She sails upon the 'good ship' who's sails stay true and just.

To be as free spirited as a child, that is where true happiness lies! I see imagination and adventure in my daughters, and I feel their spirit. So uplifting, and so bitter-sweet to glimpse their excitement and yearning for an adventure. A mother's plight to feel both joy and sadness, watching them sail further and further away (or perhaps it is upwards).

The Good Ship by Emma Ward

  • Please note this artwork comes to you with d-hooks and string on the back so you can go ahead and hang it straight on the wall.

    We insure every precaution is taken in wrapping the original artwork and placing it in a handmade, lightweight wooden box for safety during shipping.