Tracing steps // original mixed media on paper
  • Tracing steps // original mixed media on paper

    There is a welsh word that I am particularly drawn to at the moment.

    According to google the word is 'Cynefin'

    It means a place where a person or an animal feels it ought to live and belong.  It is where nature arounds you feels welcoming.  A place where you belong. 


    I feel this is the perfect sentiment for my latest  artwork collection.  This work is inspired by my feelings about the natural environments that I love.  My local park, the bush land, the beaches..... I have taken some of my favourite elements, and looked closely at the details, smells, memories and feelings associated with those places.  Rather than creating a landscape or a 'copy' of a photograph, I have reduced this to an essence of place and feeling.  


    I have used brushes made by natural elements found in these environments, and incorporated natural pigments in the paint.  These works are charge emotionally from my own experiences, but I hope that you too will connect with them.  My wish is that they bring you a sense of calm.  A sense of grounding and a space of peace.  


    The overall measurement of this artwork is 29.7cm x 42cm (A3) 


    These artworks are mounted on white watercolour art paper, which is then over stitched by machine.  This results in a slight bend in the paper, which will not be noticed once the art is framed.  It is all part of the organice quality of the piece.  This artwork will come to you unframed, to display at your discretion. 


    We take great care in packaging artwork to send in the post.  Rest assured your artwork will be packaged safely in a hard envelope, for protection. 

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