We can move mountains  //Hand Embellished Fine Art Print 10 x 12
  • We can move mountains //Hand Embellished Fine Art Print 10 x 12

    Even mountains move — a process called small scale convection. The slow but inexorable motions can move mountains — both gradually and through earthquakes or eruptions.  Ebbs and flows in nature.  Nothing quick and easy makes change.  Only slow steady growth.  Nature adapts, mountains move. 


    I am inspired by the elements, I am inspired by emotions.  I am drawn to working with water and salt.  This artwork was created to describe the feeling of the earth, particularly where the water meets the ground.  Those inbetween, beautiful places that let us pause, and feel healed by the movment of the water and the sense of calmness it brings.  


    I was so inspired by some Fine art prints I created recently, I knew that I had to reproduce this work and create an all new original mixed media artwork.  This print is just so beautiful.  The textures and details are amazing!  Whats even better is that by creating this fine art print, I am able to offer you different sizes. 


    This artwork measures 12 inch by 10 inch and comes with a one inch white border to make framing it easier. 


    Inspired by all the wonderous elements and details in nature.  Think about the elements of earth forming over millions of years.  Greatness takes time.  Beauty is eternal.  

    Earth, Air, Fire and Water, nature is at her best when she is in balance, and so are well.


    This painting has been created on 100% cotton watercolour paper with the finest of artist materials including; metallic copper pigment, walnut oil, salt and Daniel Smith Watercolours.


    This painting comes to you UNFRAMED, unless you check the framing option.  You can purchase unframed, and then arrange this after your artwork has been received. 


    Unframed artworks will be posted either in a very hard and sturdy, hand crafted folder, or rolled in a tube.  Rest assure, we LOVE packing artwork, and every care is taken to protect your beautiful artwork (we love it too!). 


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